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Gift card

A good opportunity to give a friend the gift of ADVENTURE; something you can’t buy from a shop!
To purchase a gift card, write to us at or call +372 504 9783 and agree on the sum of the gift. After that, transfer the amount to our bank account EE822200221027580816 at Swedbank and send an e–mail to along with the payment order and address where you would like us to mail the gift card. The gift card will arrive after a couple of days. If you like, you can come and pick up the card yourself. The gift card will be valid until 30 September, when the season ends. If you are purchasing a gift card after 1 August, then it will be valid until 30 September of the following season.


Safety at the adventure park is ensured by:

  • the technical compliance of the tracks to safety requirements;
  • trained instructors;
  • professional alpine equipment;
  • safety wire, to which the adventurer is attached via carabiners;
  • completion of safety instruction and practice trail under the watchful eye of an instructor.

Otepää Adventure Park conforms to the AFNOR XP-902-1 and XP S52-902-2 standards recognised in the European Union.
The trail conforms to the EN 15567-1 standard and we operate with the EN 15567-2 standard. The adventure park project was prepared and construction supervision was performed by the French company ARAVIS AVENTURE SARL, whose CEO Pierre Gay Perret is a certified high mountain guide and has extensive experience in creating adventure parks.

The company Aravis Aventure holds a license for building adventure parks and their registration data is as follows:
Reference: M7401 1170185
Siret No.: 432 305 845 00013
APE code: 927c

We use safety and climbing equipment manufactured by PETZL.


  • Prior to heading out onto the trail, each customer concludes a written agreement with the adventure park and completes safety instruction.
  • The price includes the one time completion of trails from beginning to end.
  • The customer is given a safety belt for personal use, which must be returned to the pavilion immediately after completing the trail.
  • Giving the safety belt to third persons is prohibited.
  • Those under 14 years of age will only be allowed onto the trail under the supervision of an adult.
  • The first three trails may be completed by children between 115‒140 cm in height.
  • A youth up to 18 years of age and at least 140 cm in height may complete all 6 trails.
  • After changing clothing or visiting the WC, the placement of the safety belt must be checked by an instructor.
  • Personal items may be stored in the adventure park’s pavilion.


Can I do it?
We all have different abilities. Before deciding, you could visit the woods and take a look at the trails. Then you could see with you own eyes exactly what it is that you are dealing with. Unfortunately, you must decide and pay before heading out on the trail. Quitting is possible at the end of each trail.

What happens if I am left hanging from the rope or my strength fails me?
Where there’s a will there’s a way. If you feel like you really can’t go any further, then you should call the instructor, who will use special equipment to help you come down safely. Instructors are always nearby when customers are climbing on trails!

Can you quit half way through, if you are unable or afraid to continue?
Of course, all trails end on the ground. If your strength abandons you in the middle of a trail, then a trained instructor will help you down.

Why do I have to complete the first trail if I have previously visited an adventure park?
The first trail is a training trail and is mandatory for everyone. In the interests of safety the instructor must confirm that you are safe and you are following the safety rules. After completing the first trail, you can skip trails!

How long does it take to complete all of the adventure trails?
The time required to complete all of the adventure trails depends on your courage, physique, sense of balance and the number of people. Two athletic people will require approximately 1.5 to 2 hours; 10-15 people 2 to 2.5 hours; and a group of 20-30 people 3 to 3.5 hours.

Is it possible to climb in the rain?
Of course. Rain makes the trails slippery, although not more dangerous, since you are always secured to a safety rope across the entire trail. Rain adds spice for a true adventurer. Bring along dry clothes, a good mood and head out on your adventure!

What about a thunderstorm?
In the interests of safety, during a thunderstorm no one will be allowed out on the trails. A hazardous situation might occur with storm gusts, as well as a lightning strike.

Is climbing in shorts and open shoes permitted?
Closed shoes should be worn, otherwise there is the danger that they may disappear from your feet. Shorts do not present any sort of problem. Recommended clothing is something comfortable and sporty. Trails have even been completed in miniskirts.

What is night-time climbing like?
Night-time climbing is different from the daytime only in that your adventure is taking place in the dark. You will receive guidance, be supplied with safety equipment and forehead torches. Night-time climbing requires that a reservation be made 24 hours in advance and the size of the group must be at least 6 people.

Who keeps an eye on the children?
Minors must be accompanied by an adult, who keeps an eye on the child along the entire length of the trail – this can be done by climbing along with them or from the ground below. When climbing, a ticket must be purchased.

Do you provide catering?
We offer catering via our partners Toidupada, Tehvandi Sport Centre, and Hotel Karupesa. It is possible to use our campfire site along with grilling equipment.